Meaningful Change is Based Upon Something Much Stronger than Our Own Self-Will...

When we make the decision to change, we often do it because we are sick and tired of the life that we have been living. That choice is usually based on an earnest desire to do things differently; however, under our own strength, it doesn't always work out that way.

God is in the change business. He has the ability to make all things work together for the good of those that place their faith in Him. God promises us that He can and will heal us through His Holy Spirit!


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Brokenness is the acknowledgment of grace, where self-will is superseded by God’s will. While righteousness demands payment for evil done, brokenness recognizes that payment can not be made regardless of our human effort and rejoices in the forgiveness of sin.

It is only in our brokenness that we can truly begin our relationship with God. We all must start from this same place. Nobody comes to the table with more than anyone else. God made everything, owns everything and has gifted each of us with the talents that we bring. Nobody can stand before God in an elevated or diminished position. God does not care if you have been homeless or are a millionaire; if you have been a Christian for years or are just seeking the truth today. This understanding allows us to come at the question of a relationship with Jesus Christ from a position of brokenness. We must overcome the denial of the things that are destroying our lives, our peace and our relationship with God. Without this honesty and brokenness, our knowledge means nothing.


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